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Hello! My name is Matt and I am a designer and artist from the Midwest, United States (Mid Coast Represent). I've been actively working in illustration and design for six years. Right now I'm working Full-Time as a designer and Part-time as a freelance graphic designer.

I've realized how key communication is as a designer; whether with a client or an idea, 'speaking' is as challenging and rewarding as the work itself. As a generation Y kid, my peers and I have grown with the internet and all its social interactions. The world of design is so easily accessed, finding inspiration is a search away. Blogs such as the Behance Served network, 99u.com, Muddy Colors, and thought catalog offer a daily stimulus of fresh ideas to be interpreted into my workflow. As designers, the get-better attitude is key to bringing concise and up-to-date solutions to problems put in front of us. Working together with collegues and clients has become a refreshing experience.

I doodled a lot as a kid. I remember drawing church statues during mass and large scale dioramas of characters duking it out. Details were everything. Which is why I've come to be so Inspired by the thought and ideas behind pre-production concept art for movies and graphic novels. My long-term goal is to work in entertainment industry alongside other passionate artists and art directors. I like a variety of style approaches. Flat-design is really popular lately with mobile user interfaces and now with Windows 8. My personal taste lies closer to the clean & concise, but nothing beats a design with good depth and negative space.

Competition is healthy is the creative field, which is why I know the get-better and not the "be-good" attitude just works. You can't take any steps backward when you're constantly learning.

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